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Guys this has a been a journey for sure. I never thought when I first started this business how much of a challenge it would be but the Lord has blessed me throughout this journey and I'm not giving up yet. Some of the people who have crossed my path during this time have been awesome and have really showed great support and some of the people have only had their own agenda in mind, The Lord showed me who they were and cleared the path of them. Again it's been a struggle but what did Fredrick Douglas say, (without struggle there is no progress) I will keep pushing until the good lord lay me to rest. With the help of all you donors I have been able to feed a large number of homeless people since I started the movement. I am now delivering food to the homeless and less fortunate throughout the cocoa, mims and titusviille area and how ever far the movement takes me so donations will not only be used to continue to feed but also for gas to get food to the homeless communities around the area. Since starting sugabears feeding the homeless and less fortunate has been very heart warming. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the homeless is priceless knowing sugabears is the reason for their day being a happy and satisfying day. I will continue to help the homeless in many ways as sugabears grow. Dogs for a cause. 

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Feed the homeless and less fortunate movement 

One of Sugabears main functions is to give back. Give back in what ever way we can. Feeding the homeless is our main contributions but we also help the animals and who ever and what ever else needs help. We are strong believers in doing our part to help in as many ways as we can, giving back to the community on a regular basis. The owner Maurice, was always taught never to waist food so what ever sugabears has left at the end of the night we give to the hungry. The key to success is giving. We truly believe that. 

Sugabears love to see the happy satisfied faces on the homeless and less fortunate when we give them food and clothes they need on a regular basis. 

We also pride ourselves in having satisfied customers. Especially the kids.. I always have a treat to give the kids. Ice cream or ice pops or something to keep them happy and remembering that sugabears helped them have a great day. 

It has been an awesome journey thus far. Fun, interesting, heartwarming, challenging and satisfying. Again it has not been easy getting this far but with God and the resources he puts in my path I make it work day aftrer day.  One of the hardests thing about it is having to have patients but again I know God is on my side and putting all the right people and the right steps in place for me to capitalize on. I went from a food cart to kiosk in less then a year. Cant wait to see whats next. 

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